Brand design to stand out in the market

Grupo Albar is a representative of Faes Farma, a leading brand of swine nutrition in Europe.

It is a business partner of many companies for consulting activities, farming equipment, nutrition, and genetics, among others. 

This agribusiness company contacted us because they wanted a brand redesign, to refresh their logo and institutional stationery, and to have a selling kit both attractive and professional. 

What was Grupo Albar’s challenge?

This company did not have an attractive corporate image, that was professional and innovative and that could communicate the essence of what the project really is. 

Furthermore, because of the competitiveness of the market, it needed a solid corporate image that would keep up with its competitors.

Zoo Inc.’s solution

We provided multiple solutions so that their brand image would inspire trust, such as:

The results

With its new corporate image, this brand transmits what they are and what they do, in a coherent and professional way.

Thanks to its brand identity, clients and prospects take the project seriously, because it leaves a very good impression and inspires trust.

With the brand manual and corporate identity, Grupo Albar is already distinguished and recognizable among a great number of competitors who need the attention of their clients and prospects. Now, they convey in a richer way the values of their brand.

Discover how a professional graphic design can change the life of your business. If other brands take care of their image and reputation, you can do it too, attract more customers by inspiring confidence.


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