Improve the trust of your clients and increase your sales, like Canem Basis with its website

Canem Basis is a dog food brand from Jalisco, Mexico. It had been around for a year and a half, but it was mostly unknown except for farm consumables shops and from mouth to mouth, because it did not have any kind of online presence.

This business wanted to renew its image, to enter the digital world so that its clients trusted the brand. They wanted its product to inspire safety, and, of course, increase sales through online communication channels especially through their website. 

What was Canem Basis’ challenge?

This brand did not have any digital presence, no website, and in our current world, a website is the most important introduction letter for a business.

Canem Basis was at disadvantage against its competitors. While other pet food brands had their websites, sold their products online and talked with their clients through social media, this Tapatian brand kept selling their products at places where their ideal clients were not. The new consumers did not trust the product because it did not have a professional website where they could look up the information. They were falling behind, a risk that could lead them to their disappearance if it was not handled quickly. 

Zoo Inc.’s solution

We designed and developed the website for Canem Basis, we elaborated a site with all the personality and essence of what they want to project and the kind of client they want to charm.

Alongside the director of the marketing team, we performed an intense digital marketing consulting labour, with the goal of boosting the brand with all its potential on its website and increasing its sales.

We also shared with them guidelines and good practices to understand the behaviour of users on the website, strategies to make it known, statistics interpretation and reporting procedures.

The results

Canem Basis achieved a greater trust building with the target client, who can already see that the brand has a place where it provides information about the company, about the product, and where to get it. 

Today they count with more than 30 distributors and they are willing to keep opening up the market and to have many more distributors. 

Currently they are at the stage of building their online shop. 

What they say about us


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