The brand that attracted new clients by interacting on social media

Canem Basis, a dog food brand from Jalisco, México, went from being an unknown brand that was not on the map of pet nutrition options, to create a brand that was appealing to its consumers through social media.

This company had had its brand for a year and a half, but did not have any strategy, the communication with its clients was unexisting. 

None of their social media activities had an identity, a specific voice tone, and did not know what kind of client to reach. 

What this brand wanted was to position its product on the Internet, gain new clients through its social media, improve communication with its clients and build a relationship with its audience.

What was Canem Basis’ challenge?

Zoo Inc.’s solution

By accompanying them, through many weekly meetings of digital marketing consulting, we created a communication strategy, we elaborated SMART goals and identified their value proposition.

We chose the most suitable social media for the brand, like Facebook and Instagram. 

We defined the kind of content such as: dog care tips, emotional situations about the bond between pets and human beings, and explanations of where to find the products, sales and promotions.

We established guidelines for ad campaigns in social media, as well as the most effective amount and type of ads, taking into account the kind of audience and its segmentation. 

We established the language that should be used for each audience, for example, warmer on Facebook and Instagram, close with a hint of humor. 

We established the guidelines for design and videos for each network, in other words, that it had a very well defined identity. 

We worked together to teach how to analyze statistics and reporting procedures.

The results

Since Canem Basis started using social media, beginning in March of 2020, there was an increase of more than 20% in sales from April to September of the same year. 

Also, by working in an estrategic way, they receive qualified prospects, with quality, who, with a good follow-up, become clients. 

Another impactful result is that the competition started noticing this brand more, because they know it has online presence. Canem Basis could not fall behind or look worse than its competitors.

The management is much more open to the implementation of new ideas because they started seeing results. 

By creating their marketing department from scratch, they saw the strength this kind of media has and they hired someone who would be dedicated exclusively to these tasks.
The marketing department is now under development.

Today, the business Facebook fanpage of Canem Bases has 4,479 likes and 4,536 followers.
The engagement of the posts  is 13, 841.
And the reactions on the posts is 244, 275. 

Among the Facebook audience of Canem Basis, 66% are women and 33% are men. Likewise, among the users who react the most to the posts, 57% are women and 43% are men. Finally, the number of loyal users, namely, the engagement of the users, 69% are women and 30% are men.
They have 1,589 Instagram followers.

Pictures from both networks are appealing, because they have the logo and brand colors. The posts receive constant reactions; it is an attractive account that proves the brand is working hard and wants to be on social media because those are the spaces its audience is. 

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