Video creation

Herd Sycnh: User video tutorials

HERD Synch is a platform used to record all events that occur in the beef herd, from births, reproductive work, deaths, sales, weanings, supplementation offered and more, to obtain all productive parameters, inventories and total control of the information for productive analysis

What was the challenge of Herd synch?

Zoo Inc. Solution

Held creative meetings with the Herd synch and Zoo Inc team to learn about the functionalities of the web platform and mobile app.

Tested the web platform and mobile app, entering field data, creating users, to master the use of the web platform and mobile app.

Scripts were developed, voices were recorded and video tutorials were made for each functionality of the Herd synch platform and mobile app.

Zoo Inc. made all the adjustments that the client saw fit. 

 Zoo Inc. also made some suggestions regarding certain adjustments that could improve the prospects’ experience.

The results

What Herd Synch achieved

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