Provimi, the search for better communication in Mexico and Colombia

Provimi is a brand of nutritional solutions for poultry, pigs and ruminants that belongs to the large U.S. multinational company Cargill.

This company needed to reinvent its image and that of its products, as it had just passed into the hands of the giant American company Cargill and needed to convey its new values and identity. 

A new era was beginning for Provimi!

What was Provimi's challenge?

Changes in the market and the purchase of Provimi by Cargill prompted the company to change its brand image and product image. 

With new guidelines and new business objectives, Provimi felt that its image and identity no longer reflected what they wanted to communicate.

Zoo Inc. solution

We did some activities to define the identity and the image Provimi wanted to project:

The results

We achieved several important results such as: 

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