The reinvention of a brand. A more professional logo and an image that connects with their customers.

Solo agro is a substrates and horticulture supplier base Mexican brand.

This agribusiness is a project from an independent professional who looked for our help because he wanted to have a bigger market presence for the brand and to increase its sales. 

Since currently there is a big market competition and a variety of companies that offer similar products, and because his own does not have salespeople, the creator of this project knew there was a need for a marketing strategy to make it known. He wanted his clients and prospects to trust his business and products, and he  looked for greater visibility in both digital media and the sector.

We had a consultancy call, identified his needs and provided a plan to build a strong, attractive brand, as well as a communication plan to be closer to his clients and close successful deals. 

What was Solo Agro’s challenge?

Solo Agro does not have a sales force but wants to gain more prospects.

Its creator knows that digital media will help him positionate and get new clients, but for this he needed to beat another obstacle: the  company did not have an attractive corporate image that would communicate the essence of what the project really is, that was professional and innovative.

Zoo Inc.’s solution

Our work with Solo Agro is not over yet, but for the first stage of their communication, we helped this brand with the following solutions:

  • Even though it already had a logo, we created a new one.
  • We understood what it wanted to communicate, therefore, we crafted a more elegant, innovative and professional proposal that was completely linked to the agrarian sector and its labor.
  • We also elaborated all of its brand manual, built their identity and corporate image and developed a labeling app for its website.

The results

In such a competitive world, where multiple companies and brands offer similar products and services, Solo Agro already managed to stand out from the competition. 

  • With its corporate image, this brand transmits all the information of what they do and what they are, in a professional and coherent way
  • With its brand identity, clients and prospects alike take the project seriously, because it leaves a very good impression and inspires trust. 
  • Thanks to the brand manual and corporate identity, Solo Agro generates new clients, since it already has an Instagram presence, where it can exploit pictures and its new logo; furthermore this is a platform where Solo Agro can interact and build links with its audience. 
  • Finally, the new brand image and identity have made it easier to recognize Solo Agro in varying situations. It is now more connected with its audience and clients, and better conveys the values of its brand. 

The results were so positive that we are currently working on a new label, and there are also plans to keep working on more projects to strengthen the brand and its founder. 

Other brands and businesses in your industry are attracting new customers every day just by having a professional image, an attractive logo and an identity. If they already do it, when will you?


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