Website, the letter of introduction for VitaPlus

VitaPlus is a new Mexican brand of vitamins and food supplements for non-conventional species such as: fighting cocks, specialized pigeons for flight, fighting bulls, horses, among others. 

Its founder, Manuel Franco, decided to start this agribusiness with his father, who has important contacts in the industry and has a great experience of more than 25 years.

After the Zoo Inc. team developed the brand identity, Manuel decided to take the next step and create the website for their product line. 

What VitaPlus needed 

VitaPlus wanted to start selling its products on the most popular platforms of the moment, to reinforce the credibility of its brand and improve its positioning it had to create its website. 

  • To begin with, what the brand wants to report on its website is information about its products.
  • Increasing your visibility and positioning on the web
  • Generate leads through the website
  • Increase sales of their products

Zoo Inc. solution.

To begin with, different mockups were elaborated following the brand identity, colors and type of information the client wanted to share with their customers. 

Once the mockup was chosen, we started to develop the web page, and we also made the adjustments that the client considered convenient. 

Zoo Inc. made some suggestions regarding certain improvements that the website could have, such as certain CTA, forms, pictures and others.

The results

What Vitaplus accomplished

  • From the first week you got visits to your website
  • Generated more confidence in its potential customers
  • Now you have a place to refer and invite more prospects to learn about the products you offer.

What is next for VitaPlus

The next step is to improve your positioning on the web in an organic way.

Develop a content marketing strategy to increase visits to your website.

Open at least one social network to publicize products and increase sales.

What they say about us


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