The brand that wants to be trust-inspiring to conquer the market

Vitaplus is a new Mexican brand of vitamins and dietary supplements for unconventional species, such as fighting cocks, racing pigeons, fighting bulls, horses, among others.

Their founder, Manuel Franco, decided to start this agribusiness with his father, who has important connections in the industry as well as an outstanding experience of over 25 years.

Manual already had field testing of the products, had all the knowledge of raw materials purchasing; the next step was to build the brand from scratch.

But this agribusinessman did now know where to start, so he met with us and we had several sittings with the design coordination, so both of us could understand the essence of their project, what they wanted to transmit and what their products consist of. 

This was how we built the Vitaplus brand, not only we made their logo, we developed their identity and built their name. 

What was Vitaplus’ challenge?

Zoo Inc. Solution

Thanks to the working sessions we had in order to know and develop what they wanted to convey, we could provide several solutions:

We are currently working on the labels by product line and by products for each species. 

We are also working on their website development, which not only will have an online shop where they will be able to showcase their products, but also will have a portal where the clients can check their orders and invoices.

The results

After building their brand this unknown project will start being known by a name: Vitaplus, it will have a face and an identity, which will enable clients to feel curious and drawn to this new business.

They will have confidence in their proposal because a professional and well crafted image inspires confidence and experience. In addition to this, their products properly labeled with the image of the brand will prove they are a serious company that cares about making a good impression on their clients.

All of these benefits translate into a single word: sales, which necessarily will come with a good commercial boost, and what is best, they already have the material to start communicating.

What they say about us


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